I started GotMag.org in 2012 in response to a widespread lack of awareness about the prevalence and influence of Magnesium deficiency. I knew that Magnesium deficiency was tied to all major health problems based on my research of the peer-reviewed scientific literature from around the world.

But since then, further research has lead me to discover that for many, Magnesium alone isn’t enough. They also need to increase the amount of “bio-available” Copper in order to decrease the amount of excess, “unbound” Iron, which is the root cause of inflammation in the body. (And unfortunately, you can’t fix this by simply taking a Copper supplement.)

Therefore, I strongly encourage you to learn more at my new website, TheRootCauseProtocol.com

In the meantime, I’ve decided to leave GotMag.org as an archive of my work-in-progress research, from 2012 – 2017.

A votré sante!

Morley Robbins
Jan 11, 2018