Scientific Advisory Board

bio-pic-russell-m-jaffeRussell M. Jaffe, MD, PhD

Founder & CEO, PERQUE Integrative Health; CEO & Director of ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies LLC and Fellow of the Health Studies Collegium.



bio-pic-richard-malterRichard Malter, PhD

Retired Clinical Psychologist, Expert on Mg and Stress.


bio-pic-guy-e-abrahamGuy E. Abraham, MD, FACOG

CEO, Optimox Corporation, former Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Endocrinology at UCLA School of Medicine.



bio-pic-david-diamondDavid M. Diamond, PhD

Professor, Dept. of Psychology, University of South Florida; Expert in Stress, PTSD.



bio-pic-paul-masonPaul Mason

CEO, Adobe Springs, Founder & Librarian of The Magnesium Online Library



bio-pic-val-john-andersonVal John Anderson

EVP and Director of Sales & Marketing for Mineral Resources International, Inc.



bio-pic-julie-h-burnsJulie H. Burns, MS, RD, CCN

Founder & CEO of Sport Fuel, Inc., an integrative sports nutrition and wellness consulting firm.



bio-pic-michael-mcevoyMichael McEvoy, FDN, CNC, CMTA

Founder of Metabolic Healing, Nutritional Consultant and respected Magnesium blogger.



bio-pic-william-j-roweWilliam J. Rowe, MD, FBIS (Fellow British Interplanetary Society)

Retired Internist, Expert in Magnesium Metabolism in Endurance Sports & Space Travel.



bio-pic-alan-watsonAlan Watson

Founder, Diet Heart Publishing; Author of “Illustrated History of Heart Disease.”