MAG-pie Alert!… #18 TOXICITY OF IRON

by Morley Robbins on March 6, 2016

MAG-pie Alert!… #18 TOXICITY OF IRON

MAG-pie and MAG-net ALERT!

For those who are or know someone who is struggling with Endometriosis, please read slooooooowly the LAST sentences of BOTH the “RESULTS” and the “CONCLUSIONS” Sections:

For those that prefer to read the FULL Monty: 18

This AIN’T no medical disease, folks… Regrettably it IS a classic case of metabolic dysfunction CAUSED by mineral dysregulation, courtesy of Excess, Unmanaged Iron, largely due to a toxic food & supplement industry, couple with an anemic ability to properly interpret Iron blood tests by M.ineral D.enialists ALL over the Globe…

How is our “gaggle” of MAG-pies doing on connecting the dots of the metallic ORIGIN of ALL chronic disease?!?… Iron-ic, eh?….

(Please, no shooting of the Messenger!… 😉 )

A votre sante!


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