MAG-pie Alert!… #10 TOXICITY OF IRON

by Morley Robbins on February 22, 2016

MAG-pie Alert!… #10 TOXICITY OF IRON

Please read the LAST sentence of this Abstract SLOOOOOOWLY:

Then, please ask your doctor, and yourself, WHY they are using Ferritin — that expresses NORMAL in Iron Overload conditions — a storage protein to assess metabolic “Iron status?”iron_owerload_2

This study, that is now considered “Ancient history,” should send a *chill* down the spines of those who take the time to read it, and esp. those who have been advised that they are “anemic” based on a low Ferritin test… In my humble opinion, I’d seek another opinion or another practitioner…

As I’ve noted repeatedly in the last two months, if you want to assess your TRUE metabolic Iron status, please get this blood test:

(Know that I compiled this test on Request A Test for members of MAG and derive NO $$$ from its purchase…)

Once again, we have been “Misled, & Misfed!”

A votre sante!


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