MAG-pie Alert!… #14 TOXICITY OF IRON

by Morley Robbins on February 29, 2016

MAG-pie Alert!… #14 TOXICITY OF IRON

Continuing with my theme of Iron Overload as the TRUE source of MOST, if not ALL, chronic disease, here is an IMPORTANT & PENETRATING look into the ORIGIN of ALL Neurodegenerative conditions: Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, ALS, etc.

Memory loss and brain aging due to dementia and alzheimer's disease as a medical icon of a group of color changing autumn fall trees shaped as a human head losing leaves as intelligence function on a white background.

Again, these are NOT medical diseases…

These ARE clear signs of metabolic dysfunction CAUSED by mineral dysregulation (especially Copper, Iron & Maggie…)

And for those MAG-pies & MAG-nets that have been sleeping for my LAST 13 newsletters…

Ceruloplasmin (Cp) & its homologue twin, Hephaestin, are called Multi-Copper Oxidases. MTHR NATURE uses Copper to REGULATE all facets of Iron metabolism. And when the bookends of Iron dysregulation appear — it’s TOO HIGH or TOO LOW — Cherchez la Cp!

The fact that YOU now know this & your favorite Mineral Denialist is STILL lost in Ferritin should bring a *twinge* to YOUR Oligodendrocytes!!!

A votre sante!


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