MAG-pie Alert!… #27 TOXICITY OF IRON

by Morley Robbins on May 6, 2016


MAG-pie & MAG-net ALERT! (#27 in the Iron Wars Series…)

My friend & fellow Iron-focused practitioner, Shawn Bean, has recently shared with me this VERY IMPORTANT article re Ferritin:

I can ASSURE you, you will NOT like what it has to say.

I can ALSO assure you that it is decidedly CLOSER to the truth than any Iron-ic-based drivel coming out of your M.ineral D.enialists mouth re your “low” Iron status…

(Please know, this is only the 2nd time I’ve read an article that has over 450 citations… Heck, even I’m impressed!… 😉 )

Please read this article, carefully & sloooowly…

Please share a copy with your favorite practitioner…

Please STOP allowing Ferritin-ONLY blood tests, henceforth!…

Please START doing this blood test at your earliest convenience to find out what’s REALLY going on with your TRUE Iron status:
(This test is now only $179 — it’s been reduced $30 for MAG!)

I believe the implications of this research are profound. Thank you, again, Shawn! Looking forward to the comments and reactions to what this means to our focus as M.ineral D.etectives and our efforts to push back the tides of Iron-ic Insanity — inside the hallowed halls of healing and inside our bodies, especially…

A votre sante!


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