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We offer two options for nutritional counseling services:

  1. HTMA test with interpretation: Clients purchase the HTMA kit from us which we then subsequently analyze and discuss the finding with the client
  2. Health Coaching without purchasing a new HTMA: We regularly analyze pre-existing HTMAs and/or blood work, as well as simply explore and discuss issues facing a client’s re-balancing and recovery efforts


  1. Overview of HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) Testing

Hair tissue mineral analysis is screening test to measure the levels of 21 or more minerals in the hair tissue.

Hair is used for testing because it is a rapidly-growing soft tissue of the body that can be sampled easily and safely. Hair is also a storage tissue that the body uses for excreting excessive amounts of toxic metals and other substances, such as illegal drugs, to help rid them from the body. Therefore it is an excellent place to measure these items.

Hair provides a unique, biopsy type of reading of metabolic activity. The test is performed by burning the sample of hair at a high temperature in a mass spectrometer. The technique has been used in laboratories for over 80 years. Computer-controlled instruments have improved the accuracy and reduced the cost of mineral analysis.

Minerals tested include the electrolytes – calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and phosphorus. Trace minerals tested include copper, manganese, chromium, selenium, iron, molybdenum, lithium, cobalt, zinc and others. Toxic metals tested include lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, nickel, aluminum and others. In all, 15 macro- and micro-minerals, 8 heavy metals, and 14 additional elements are analyzed.

Hair tissue mineral analysis is an inexpensive, accurate screening method that can be of great help to understand body chemistry and design individualized diet and supplement programs. These can relieve biochemical stress to help restore and maintain optimum health.


Test Assessment and Consultation (45 min – 1 hour):

  • Review Symptom Assessment (Green Intake) form: confirm metabolic challenges and create context for interpretation of HTMA
  • Review Findings of HTMA Analysis: Identify mineral levels and ratios that correlate with the Symptom Assessment
  • Identify Nutritional Recommendations based on HTMA: Based upon the findings above, a series of recommendations will be made to address stress patterns and enhance energy production


1. The HTMA test with interpretation is available as follows. Select one of the three options as appropriate for each HTMA:

A. Standard Price – $300.00

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B.  Discounted Price for members of MAG – $250.00

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C.  Discounted Price for Children of members of MAG – $150.00

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 2.  Our Health Recovery Coaching

For those who do not want an HTMA, the Health Recovery Coaching option can review existing HTMAs from other sources as well as current, relevant labs. This will provide a consult to help provide ways to improve balance.

Health Recovery Consult –  $250.00 

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 What to expect now that you’ve purchased the HTMA…

  • Please review the Welcome to the HTMA Analysis Letter and Symptom Assessment form. (Download from page after purchase.)
  • Please complete the Symptom Assessment form. Once completed, please save this document, and email it back to our offices:
  • Once you purchase the HTMA kit, here’s a general timeline to expect:
    1. The kit generally takes ~5-7 days for delivery in the USA, international mailing takes longer.
    2. Once you’ve completed both cutting your hair for the sampling and the blue Intake form, mail these as directed in your kit. Assume another ~5-7 days.
    3. Once received by the lab, it takes them ~3-5 days to complete the analysis and email the results to our offices.
    4. Once received on our end, it takes ~5-7 days to complete our interpretation and subsequent analysis of the lab results.
    5. We will then contact you to schedule the 45-60-min consult and provide the results from both the Lab and our analysis. At that point, you are prepared to go to the Calendar and schedule your consult as directed.
  • Generally speaking, the overall timeframe is ~4-6 weeks from the day you purchase the HTMA kit to the day we’re conducting the consult. Regrettably, this process takes time. We do everything we can to make it worth the wait, but are very aware of and sensitive to the sands of time implied in this multi-step effort.
  • Once the consult is scheduled, you can decide whether you wish to conduct this call via phone, Skype or in person for those within a stone’s throw of the Bayou…