Karen Gadol

Business Name
Avanti Health

kgadol@gmail.com or ATGforyou@gmail.com


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Charleston, SC USA                              Karen Lemacks Gadol 

Copernican Mineral Consultant through Morley Robbins training program;
Certified Nutrition Counselor through Trinity School of Natural Health;
Certified Lymphatic Therapist;
Certified Thermographer; 1998 graduate of the Physician Assistant program at the Medical University of SC.
Currently enrolled in the Professional Cancer Coach International program and will complete this added training within the next year.

Services Provided 
I am honored to offer Mineral Balancing / Nutrition Counseling / Electro-Lymphatic Therapy / Thermography services in the Charleston, SC community. Mineral and Nutritional consults are also offered distantly via phone or internet services.

I provide services locally

I provide services remotely
Yes, happy to use Zoom or Skype to consult with anyone around the world.

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